Information for those interested in advertising or sponsorships:

  • The National Association of Independent Medical Practices is made up of medical practices, dental practices, medical spas and similar type practices that are not owned or governed by a hospital or other 3rd party organization.  With over 893,000 practicing physicians in the United States,  independent medical practices comprise 36 percent of all medical practices.
  • We are “New and Noteworthy” on Itunes with our weekly podcasts!  Did you know that over 128 Million listen to podcasts?  That’s 40% of the population.
  • We now have over 21,000 unique visitors to the website each month




  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Weekly Podcasts to Itunes (currently featured as New and Noteworthy)
  • Each of our podcast speakers share the NAIMP and Itunes channel links to their email list and their social media accounts
  • Social Media
    • LinkedIn:  Posting weekly to 45 professional groups, including NAIMP group, in our target market totaling 863,522 members (Note:  some LinkedIn participants are members of multiple groups so some of this maybe duplicates.)
    • Facebook:  Posting weekly to over 4,000 people (From 3 Facebook accounts, including NAIMP)
    • Twitter:  Posting to over 53,000 followers (From 3 Twitter accounts, including NAIMP)
    • YouTube:  over 15,000 views
    • Itunes: Over 4,000 views

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for NAIMP, or advertsing with us? Here are the opportunities:

  • Podcast Sponsorships
  • New Idea Sponsor
  • Featured Vendor
  • Weekly E-Newsletter Sponsor

Read more about each advertising opportunity below.


  • We limit it to only 2 advertisers in each weekly podcast:
    • Each advertiser are alloted 15 seconds in the introduction, and 30 seconds in the middle of the podcast.
  • Podcast links are posted on website and ITunes (in perpetuity)
  • Podcasts are mentioned and promoted through social media, blog posts, and weekly newsletter
  • Link back to your company, along with a banner, at the bottom of that week’s podcast.


Contest details: The New Idea Contest is for all NAIMP members. They submit a 2-5 page document, describing their new service or product that they want to introduce or have introduced, in the last year, to increase their revenue.   Document contains:

  1.          What the new product or service is
  2.          How it will increase revenue
  3.          Steps they took (or will take) to implement the new product or service
  4.          Results (if any) in the last year

NAIMP will choose a winner, at the end of 6 months and submit the contact information to Corporate Sponsor, who will mail a check for $10,000 to the practice winner. Sponsoring corporation, along with retain the right to promote the New Idea Contest and the winners in other advertising.

Advertising exposure from the New Idea Contest

  • Corporation name printed on the New Idea Contest Home Page Banner
  • Corporate banner, on the New Idea Contest details page that links back to your website
  • “Sponsored by” at the top of the New Idea Contest page
  • Corporate name is mentioned in the introduction and at the end of each podcast for your 6 months (at least 1 a week, for 6 months)
  • First right of refusal for the next six months of sponsorship


  • Topic/ Subject will be on home page- with link to an internal page
  • Internal page will have a brief description of your company and product/service- along with a link back to your website
  • We request, if possible, that the link take our listener to a discounted area in your website, for your product or service


  • One sponsor per newsletter
  • Banner ad at the bottom of the email, along with banner at the bottom of the newsletter page, with link back to your website

For more information and additional details on Sponsorships and Advertising with NAIMP- email