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Save Money on Your Taxes

Transition into Practice

Practice Roadmap:  Stages of a Practice and what you need and when

How to Get Higher Paying Clients

Inside Out Marketing For Your Practice

Why Today’s Reimbursement Is Shaping Healthcare’s Future

Patient Attraction:  Getting the Patients You Want

Emotional Intelligence:  What it is and why it matters

Improving Communication with Patients and Your Team

Branding and our Social Media World

Independent Means Creative:  Examples of Doctors and Dentists who have creatively added more services

Creating Additional Streams of Income

Storage in the Cloud 

HIPAA and Mobility:  How to Stay Securely Connected

Independent or Employed:  Why Fight for Freedom?

Medical Improv- improve Communication and Collaboration

How to Save Money on Your Taxes

Marketing and Analytics

Radical Branding

Thank Goodness It’s Monday:  Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Beyond Social Media- You Are Your Own Secret Sauce

How a Doctor can Succeed as an Entrepreneur  

How to Go from Solo Practitioner to Real Business Owner 

Patient Reviews & Privacy: Getting Fans and Making Friends Online

Introduction to NAIMP