Would you like to be a NAIMP Podcast Guest Speaker?

Did you know that over 128 Million people listen to podcasts? That’s 40% of the population!

We are also really excited that the NAIMP podcasts are listed as “New and Noteworthy” on ITunes. This is a great time to participate as a guest speaker.

To qualify as a guest speaker:

  • Do you have something you can teach / educate independent medical and dental practices? (Examples are below)
    • Help them prevent a costly mistakes
    • Increase their revenue
    • Expand their practice
    • Save money
    • Save time
  • Are you willing to not sell anything during your podcast?
  • Submit a paragraph introduction of you, your education, area of expertise and other interesting information, so that our host can properly introduce you.
  • Submit your Powerpoint presentation notes, in advance of presentation
  • Provide a photo (unless we can get it off Linkedin or your website, then just let us know where to find it.)

Note:  We will mention your website at the beginning and end of the presentation, and link back to your site from our website. PowerPoint or Keynote presentation notes are required for each podcast, as the podcast will be shown as a webinar on the website for members to access in perpetuity and will also be available on Itunes at no charge.

We will send you the link, once your podcast is uploaded to Itunes, so that you can promote the podcast to your list, and also use it for your own marketing purposes.

Podcast Length:  approximately 20-45 minutes

Podcast Format:  Solo presentation (will be recorded) or Q and A with host