Watch NAIMP on the Medical Channel!


NAIMP, the National Association of Independent Medical Practices, is now viewable on The Medical Channel. The Medical Channel can be found on Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and Apple TV. You add it, as an app – just the same as Hulu and Netflix to your device.

NAIMP is proReach the world with Connected / OTT Television- contact us today!ud to be on the cutting edge of Connected / OTT Television. There are millions of viewers on Connected TV now- those “cutting the cable” and watching hundreds of channels each month. If you’d like to learn more about Connected / OTT Television and how you can attract your targeted audience, contact us today for more information.

Connected TV can reach all kinds of specific, targeted audiences – with guaranteed viewing of your ads on:

  • The Luxury Channel
  • The Automotive Channel
  • All About Golf
  • The Yachting Channel
  • The Aviation Channel
  • The Baby Channel
  • and more!

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