The National Association of Independent Medical Practices is made up of medical practices, dental practices, medical spas and similar type practices that are not owned or governed by a hospital or other 3rd party organization. NAIMP is dedicated to providing education, networking, funding, mentoring and more to help the independent practitioner have a prosperous and growing practice. ***To be eligible for discounts and various offers from our vendors, you MUST be registered to our Newsletter. Join today!


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NAIMP now on the Medical Channel

Watch NAIMP on the Medical Channel!   NAIMP, the National Association of Independent Medical Practices, is now viewable on The Medical Channel. The Medical Channel can be found on Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and Apple TV. You add it, as an app – just the same as Hulu and Netflix to your device. NAIMP... Read more →

How to Save Money on Your Taxes

Title:  How to Save Money on Your Taxes Speaker:  Wes Matejka Wes Matejka is founder and President of TaxVantage Consulting.   He has had the joy of working with private practice medical professionals, real estate investors,  financial advisers, CPA’s, and business owners from virtually every sector in almost every state over the past 5 years. UPDATE:... Read more →

Transition Into Practice

Title:  Transition Into Practice Speaker:  Christian Dy   Christian Dy is a senior financial advisor, and educator. He lectures at UBC Medicine and the Sauder School of Business regarding career transitioning and financial planning. Christian has taught for over 15 years, holds 4 degrees including a masters in Education, a BSC in Mathemtics, and an... Read more →

Medical Improv – Status Activities

Title:  Medical Improv – Status Activities Speaker:  Beth Boyton Beth is an organizational development consultant specializing in communication, collaboration, and workplace culture. Her 2nd book, “Successful Nurse Communication: Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces & Rewarding Careers” is scheduled for release in September, 2015. She is very excited about using an experiential learning process called ‘Medical Improv’... Read more →